The face/voice behind the podcast belongs to me, Rob Kendal, a seasoned software engineer specialising in front end development. I wanted to expand my creative outlets and bring a different voice into the world of podcasts. I want to be able to share my experience and feature a range of diverse guests from whose experiences and advice we can all learn.

The podcast aims to cover a range of topics from getting hired as a developer, frameworks and tools, design systems, UI/UX, opinions and hot topics in tech. We don't have a specific target experience range and hope to provide interesting and engaging content for both junior and senior developers alike.

Although young, the aim for the podcast is to resonate with and gain some ground in the UK, current analytics are reenforcing this aim.

Podcast episodes are released on a bi-monthly cycle and cover technical areas, developer origin stories, and career advice.

Becoming a sponsor

If you'd like to reach a diverse audience of listeners across the tech landscape in a range of roles from beginner developers to senior engineers, support the show and become a sponsor. What's more, you'll be helping to aid those in need as a portion of any sponsorship will be apportioned to charity.

We can work with a script of your choosing, or work within the podcast's unique tone and voice.


You have a couple of options for sponsorship, depending on budget and preferred approach.

  • One, pre-show slot, £100
  • Two, mid-show slots, £60

There is no minimum agreement for sponsorship, but we recommend at least two shows to reach a level of consistency with the show's audience.

What's included?

Included in any sponsorship option is the following:

  • End-show credits.
  • Your branding, website link and description added to this very website under the episode's specific page.
  • A link to your website included in the show description which is then syndicated to various podcast sites via the RSS feed.
  • Three tweets on our supporting twitter account timed before, during and after the airing of the featuring episode.


50% of any sponsorship monies received will be given to charity. This will be spilt again so that half supports a national charity and the remaining half will support a local Yorkshire charity.

Show format

Each show is diverse in topic and guests, but the general format for each episode runs as follows:

  • Introduction to the episode and intro music
  • Pre-show sponsor slot (where applicable)
  • Episode part 1
  • Interlude and mid-show sponsor slot (where applicable)
  • Episode part 2
  • Wrap up and end credits/sponsor slot (where applicable)
  • Outro music

Ready to get started?

Send an email to or visit the contact page to sponsor the show.